It's Your Majesty is 8 years old with a super creative imagination and joy for sharing her stories and playing games.

She has created an imagiary world based on 3 friends Blu3, Violet, and Blondie. They all have families and friends.

She also really likes playing games on her tablet, mainly Roblox, Gatcha Life, Sego Mini, and Minecraft.

You may see guest appearances by her older sister from time to time who mostly makes art videos on TikTok.

I help her record and edit the videos, and manage the social profiles for her. I'm learning as I go; any feedback is welcome!

She can take over the socials once she's a teen :), but for now I'm here to support her and be a filter (unfortunate nescesity).

I'll share all kind and supportive comments with her! But, she doesn't have direct access to any of the socail accounts for now.

- ItsYourMajesty's Dad

Behind the scenes

(Behind the scenes!)